About Us

Computational accessibility is a major issue for persons with disabilities and for economically and demographically marginalized people, especially in developing countries like India. Freedom Access is set up with a single minded devotion to provide access consulting, web designing, hosting, maintenance and business solutions affordable to small scale industries and nonprofit organizations like universities and colleges to bring community services to marginalized people in the society through our accessibility services.

We work for the implementation of various national and international accessibility standards and guidelines in web, desktop, mobile and cloud applications. Our accessibility services are not limited to persons with disabilities but also for all others in the way of search engine optimization, compatibility of applications running in low bandwidth, cross browser and cross device compatibility of web base applications. Our business also focus on development of academic ERP and E-learning solution, ERP solution for small and medium enterprises, office automation, health care and clinic management solutions etc.

We are committed to our clients to provide successful and timely delivery of project and value our vision and mission.

  • Vision: Provide digital access to all regardless of physical ability, age, and ethnicity, and economical status, geographic and demographic background.
  • Mission: Create inclusive society wherein all people have comparable access to digital world.

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