Welcome to Freedom Access Technologies

Now this company is taken over by Sugamya Digital Solutions Pvt. Ltd.

We are a leading consulting company that provides range of services to enterprises/organizations worldwide. Services include web accessibility, desktop accessibility, mobile accessibility, Document accessibility, Media accessibility and cloud services accessibility, Workplace accessibility solutions, SEO, Cross Browser Compatibility and more. Access Consulting and User Experience consulting is our key business. We also focus on complete website designing, development and hosting solution for Small and medium enterprises.

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Our access consulting services is in accordance with several national and international accessibility standards, guidelines and best practices such as Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG) of W3C, section 508 of US rehabilitation act, Government of India Guidelines for Web accessibility (GIGW), Flash accessibility design guidelines, accessibility of reach internet application (ARIA), Microsoft Active Accessibility(MSAA and MSUI automation), Gnome desktop accessibility guide, mobile web best practices, Android accessibility and IOS accessibility etc.

We are committed to provide end to end accessibility solutions to clients throughout the implementation life cycle right from preliminary evaluation of websites or software application for identification of accessibility barriers in website, continuous accessibility testing during application designing or redesigning, conformance testing for matching the developed accessible application with the technical specifications and checkpoints of adapted accessibility standard till user acceptance testing by end users with disabilities.